1 Feb: An Evening With Sean Dromgoole

1 Feb: An Evening With Sean Dromgoole

Somerset Loves Europe is pleased to announce the next Zoom event in our “evening with …” series: An evening with Sean Dromgoole on Monday 1 February at 8pm. “Doors open” at 7:30.

An important and complex part of the whole Brexit story has been the way that the Labour Party has responded to it. This continues, with Keir Starmer needing to consider whether to accept the way that Brexit is going or to directly oppose it.

To help us to understand this, we have Sean Dromgoole, Chair of Labour Somerton and Frome CLP, and Labour prospective parliametary candidate for Somerton and Frome. Sean was born in Bristol and grew up near Wells. More at https://somersetlabour.co.uk/candidates/sean-dromgoole/. As part of his work in market research for the media industry, Sean has direct experience of working for the European Commission, and he will also be able to give us his insights from that.

If you want to be part of the conversation then please email info@somersetloveseurope.org.uk  and we will send you a Zoom link and some more information.



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