National Events

National Events

Let Us Be Heard March, London – 19th October – other transport possibilities

As well as the coaches that Somerset Loves Europe is organising, (which are now sold out, but you can join a waiting list on the ticketing site) other ways of getting to the march include the following. Plans are being put together around the county and country, and we will update this page with any new information that we hear of.

People’s Vote have compiled a map of pick-up points around the country.

Berrys run their scheduled Superfast coaches to London from a number of pick-up points around the county. They are offering a 20% discount for day-return tickets that day. Use discount code LD4Europe when you book. As of Thursday morning, there were some seats left on those services.

Bristol for Europe and Bath for Europe are arranging transport that can be accessed from the north of Somerset. Watch their websites for new information. As of Thursday morning, Bristol for Europe had seats left.

Devon for Europe usually organise lots of coaches. Their pick up points include Tiverton, Axminster and Honiton.

Dorset for Europe are organising several coaches. Details can be found here.

Swindon for Europe have coaches.

If you still can’t get a ticket from the links above and you would like to join us, email us, and we will try to put you in touch with other people travelling from this area, to get some car-loads together or give you company on the train.

March for Change – 20th July 2019

Reunite the people. Reunite with Europe.

On Saturday the 20th July, there is a big march in London to show the new Prime Minister, the country and the world that we want to stop the Brexit chaos.

We’ve had enough of politics as usual. Fixated on Brexit, our politicians have wasted the last three years. Only together, with Europe and the world, can we fix the huge issues that face us all, from the climate emergency, to schools, the NHS and the housing crisis.



We are now running a coach from Somerset, starting from Taunton, stopping just outside Yeovil and at Wincanton. You can book tickets from here. Child and concession tickets are available. We also have a handful of sponsored seats available; email us to ask.

We will update this post as the details are refined, so please keep checking here for new information.

The  coach leaves at the following times:

Please arrive before those times, so that we can leave on time!

Please bring:

  • Water and food
  • Flagpoles and flags (we are bringing spare flags too)
  • Placards, T-shirts etc
  • A map of central London (or satnav)
  • Your mobile phone to keep in touch if we get split up
  • A big smile!

The coach is being supplied by Berry’s, who are being very helpful. Their coaches are of an excellent standard. There are toilets on board, so we won’t be making any stops on the journey. Bring your own on-board refreshments; no hostess trolley, I’m afraid!

The coach will stop at the Euro Coach Park, 150 Bayswater Rd, Kensington, London W2 4RT, in the north-west corner of Hyde Park, at around 11.30. It will remain parked there all day.
You will be able to leave things on board the coaches

The coach will leave from the Euro Car Park on Bayswater Road at 5.30 pm sharp
The coach drivers have limited driving hours by law, so if you get to the coach park after that time, you will be left behind.
We expect to be back in Taunton after 9 p.m.

Meeting and Marching

We will assemble in the south-east corner of Hyde Park, by Achilles’ Statue, at around 12:15. See map above. It is a pleasant 40 minute walk across Hyde Park, or you can catch the tube at Queensway to Hyde Park Corner, or buses along Bayswater Road to Marble Arch, and then down Park Lane to Hyde Park Corner.

We will be carrying Somerset flags (red wyvern on yellow ground) on tall flagpoles, so look out for those.

Don’t forget to write to your MP.

Organisation and Safety

Last March’s march was very well organised, and this one will be even better. There will be more relay screens, so we should all get to see and hear the speeches. It will be safe and happy; in March, with 1,000,000 of us, the police made no arrests at all!

Mobile phone access is likely to be tricky, with so many people there. Try texting rather than phoning. You could try using open wi-fi services, such as BT’s FON, if you have access to them. You might need to download an app before the march.

What if it is Cancelled?

It is unlikely that anything will stop the march going ahead, but if it is cancelled, we will refund the cost of the ticket minus any unavoidable costs. We cannot guarantee the amounts of refund.

Supporting the March

If you want to support the march, but can’t join us in London, please consider making a donation.

Taunton Street Stall and Critical Phase Snap Rally

Building on the momentum gained from the inspirational People’s Vote march and as the public mood on Brexit seems to be shifting, we are planning a Somerset Loves Europe street stall in Taunton town centre (the north end of the High Street) on Saturday 17 November between 10.00 – 13.00.  It would be really great if you could come along and support us either to run the stall for whole or part of the morning or pop along to lend us some moral support! If you are able to help, please email us.  We will be conducting the Brexitometer to gauge public mood so it will be really interesting to get an idea of where people are now in the local area.

This week is a crunch point when we’re expecting to hear more about whatever desperate ‘deal’ the Government has cobbled together. To keep the pressure up for a people’s vote, Best for Britain and the People’s Vote are hosting a snap rally in Central London on Tuesday 13th November (18:30 – 20:30pm). If you can go then please do, all the details are here. Neighbouring group, Devon for Europe are running a coach from Exeter, if you would like to travel with them you can get your tickets here. Also, don’t forget to write, email or speak to your MP (click here to find your MP). If you don’t have the time to write then you can use the People’s Vote Write this Wrong tool to email your MP.

Finally, we are always looking for volunteers, whether to help out with street stalls, deliver leaflets in your local area or join our core team. Please send us an email if you would like to help. Time is running short and even small actions could help prevent a disastrous Brexit being inflicted upon us and future generations.

Fantastic turn-out for the People’s Vote March

What a fantastic turn out at the People’s vote march in London on the 20th October! It was absolutely massive – ~1% of the population of the whole UK marching in central London to Parliament Square! We had to wait over two hours just to get moving! Lots of coverage nationally including some on the BBC.

A big thank you to all those who attended, those who couldn’t come but sent messages of support (and donations) and all the organisers.  It was a huge, peaceful, diverse, fun and passionate march.

We are putting a page of photographs together. If you would like to add some of you photos please email us a small version of them.

Somerset coaches to the People’s Vote march are now live

Each generation has that one big political march that people still talk about many years later. The ’60’s had the Ban the Bomb marches; the noughties the march against the invasion of Iraq. Ours is less than two weeks away: the People’s Vote march, demanding a vote on any final deal (or no-deal) with the EU on Brexit, including the option to remain. And this time, we can win. A majority of politicians know that Brexit is bad for the country, its people, and its economy.

On Saturday 20th October, there will be a huge march in London. There is a coach leaving Taunton at around 7:30 in the morning, stopping off in Frome around 9:00 to pick up more people, then off to the march. We should be back in Frome around 8 pm and Taunton a little after 9. It’s going to be a great atmosphere, on the march and on the coach. We would love to have you on board.

You can book the Taunton tickets here, and the Frome ones here. See our dedicated page for the latest information.

If you would like any more information then please send us an email.

People’s Vote March, 20th October

Our best bet for stopping Brexit is currently the People’s Vote campaign. There will be a march to support it in London on Saturday 20th October, and it’s going to be huge! We are planning to run a coach from Taunton; please let us know if you want a seat, using our contact form or by email.

If you live in the north or west of the county, you might find it more convenient to use one of the coaches being arranged by Bath for Europe , Bristol for Europe or Devon for Europe. But do find us and march with us under the Somerset banner!

More details as soon as we have them …


March for a People’s Vote

Approximately two years have passed since the 2016 referendum. During that time, new facts not apparent at the time of the referendum have come to light about the costs and complexity of Brexit. Promises made by politicians about Brexit, like more money for our NHS, are not going to be kept. The Brexit process is a complete mess and the negotiations are going badly, which makes it more likely that we will get a bad deal.

The People’s Vote campaign seeks to ensure that the government’s Brexit deal is put before the country in a public vote so that we can decide if a decision that will affect our lives for generations makes the country better or worse off. Good deal or bad deal, it’s definitely a big deal – and that’s why it should be put to a People’s Vote.

Please join us at the People’s Vote march on Saturday 23rd June. Meeting at Pall Mall from 12.00pm. All the details are here. Sorry we are not organising coaches but there may still be spaces on the coaches organised by Bath for Europe, Bristol for Europe, Devon for Europe and Dorset for Europe.

And the People Marched …

What a wonderful turn out at the People’s March for Europe in London on Saturday 9th September, including a group from Somerset Loves Europe. It was very inspiring to meet so many people that are passionate about maintaining a positive and constructive relationship with Europe. A big thank you to the organisers, the speakers, all those who attended and those who showed their support. Here is the report of the march from the BBC news. We are putting together a photo gallery from the day so please email us your photographs.

Although summer may be over, the political temperature is hotting up again and Brexit is front and central on the national political agenda, both in Westminster and at the forthcoming party conferences. It’s important that pro-Europeans make our voices heard. So don’t miss out on the next big events including Bournemouth, Brighton and the really big one in Manchester.

So next up it is Bournemouth  …

People’s March for Europe

The People’s March for Europe is happening this Saturday in London.

There are many other events happening throughout the autumn. Please attend as many as possible to make your voice heard. Here are just a few …

Sunday 17th September – Liberal Democrats Party Conference – Bournemouth
Sunday 24th September – Labour Party Conference – Brighton
Sunday 1st October – Conservative Party Conference – Manchester
Saturday 14th October – Regional Rallies – Bristol and other locations

Bath for Europe and Bristol for Europe are organising transport to some of the above so please contact them if this helps with your travel arrangements.


Find out where and when you can join us in making a difference.

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