Election Day 2019

Election Day 2019

It’s nearly time to vote!

How to Vote

Your polling station is given on your polling card. The polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm. If you have never voted before, it’s very simple, and the friendly staff in the polling station will tell you what to do. You don’t need to bring any identification papers with you. You don’t even need to bring your polling card. The government website, https://www.gov.uk/voting-in-the-uk, explains it all very clearly. If you have a postal vote but you have forgotten to post it, don’t worry: you can hand it in at your local polling station on polling day. If you’re worried a disability could prevent you from voting, there is help available. If you wish, the presiding officer for your polling station can mark your ballot paper for you, or any close family member or support worker who are eligible to vote can come with you into the voting booth. If you cannot enter the polling station due to a disability, the presiding officer is allowed to bring your ballot paper out to you. Large print ballot papers are available to those with visual impairment.   There is a dedicated voting helpline for those with learning disabilities, their families and carers at 020 7696 6009.

What to Vote

Your vote is your main contribution to democracy in the UK. If you have decided what to vote, then good for you: it’s your duty and right. Otherwise, we have some suggestions. This will probably be the most important General Election of a generation. If the Conservatives get a majority, then they will take the UK out of the European Union. If Labour gets a majority, then they will negotiate another deal with the EU, and then offer the choice of that or remaining in the EU to the electorate as a People’s Vote. Somerset Loves Europe would be happy with that. If no party has a majority (a hung parliament), then whichever party forms the next government will have no choice but to offer a People’s Vote. This is looking likely, and we would welcome it. We therefore suggest that if you wish to remain in the EU, you do not vote Conservative (there are no Brexit or UKIP candidates standing in Somerset this time). We also suggest that you vote for whichever candidate is most likely to beat the Conservative in your constituency. For recommendations, go to one of the tactical voting websites, such as votesmart2019.com. In Somerset, tactical voting will be particularly important in three constituencies, where there is a close competition between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, so we suggest that you vote for Gideon Amos in Taunton Deane, Tessa Munt in Wells, and Mick Clark in Yeovil. In Bridgwater and West Somerset, Oliver Thornton (Labour) is best placed to defeat the Conservative.

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