Hustings for Bridgwater & West Somerset

Hustings for Bridgwater & West Somerset

Sunday, 8 December, 19:00-20:45

Bridgwater Arts Centre, 1-13 Castle Street, Bridgwater, TA6 3DD

We were concerned that, of the constituencies that we cover, only Bridgwater and West Somerst had no public hustings planned. So we arranged a hustings meeting ourselves. Expect questions on Europe, of course, but feel free to come along and ask other questions.
At the time of writing, three of the candidates have agreed to attend, and we are waiting for confirmation from the remaining two candidates.

3 thoughts on “Hustings for Bridgwater & West Somerset”

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  2. Has Liddell-Grainger ever attended a hustings? The arrogance of the man is quite simply gobsmacking…But he knows he’ll get in probably with an increased majority.

    1. The whole remit of an mp is to represent the constituency, this man has done absolutely nothing for the Bridgwater area in all the years he has been the mp. He is a disgrace, and 100% won’t turn up to the hustings meeting. Bridgwater is a Labour Town, unfortunately Minehead lets us down time after time.

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