Somerset LOVEs Europe is a group of local people who passionately believe that the UK should remain part of the European Union.

Somerset LOVEs Europe is a voluntary grassroots organisation not aligned with any political party. As part of Britain for Europe and the European Movement, we are a powerful voice campaigning for Britain to remain a full member of the European Union, with all the benefits that this has brought for Somerset and the UK as a whole:

The longest period of peace in European history.  In 2012, the EU was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for advancing the causes of peace, reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe.

Fair trade as part of the world’s biggest single market guaranteeing free and frictionless trade between over 500 million people. Prosperity as part of European Union Free Trade Agreements with 69 countries covering two-thirds of the world economy. Investment in Europe including in Somerset.

The biggest programme of environmental protections in the world which helps the economy become more environmentally friendly, protects Europe’s natural resources, and safeguards the health and wellbeing of its citizens. Human rights are protected by the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.


Leading innovation through technological and scientific research in the EU helps us to compete globally and improves the daily lives of millions of people here in Europe and around the world.  The The UK is one of the largest recipients of research funding in the EU.

The Government’s own studies reveal that every form of Brexit will leave our country worse off. There is no Brexit dividend, only Brexit cost. Leave or Remain, nobody voted for the mess we’re in. 

The pound is down. Prices are up. Companies are leaving the UK. Parliament is in chaos. Democracy is under threat.

It is now abundantly clear that the government cannot deliver on the promises made in the referendum.

They can not, must not and will not force this broken Brexit on the British people without giving us the final say. The time has come when we must all stand up and demand: Put it to the People!

Join us in our campaign to stop Brexit and fight for a People’s Vote to remain!