Our Campaign

Somerset Loves Europe has reformed to be stronger than ever, and has the following aims:

Somerset LOVEs Europe is a voluntary grassroots organisation not aligned with any political party. We are part of March for Change and the European Movement.

Our Short-Term aims

to clearly and honestly publicise the problems that leaving the EU with a bad trade deal are causing industry, agriculture, fishieries, the arts, and many other parts of British life.
We will grow our role as a hub for people in Somerset of all previous political opinions who are discovering that they were lied to by the people who promoted Brexit.

Our Medium-Term aim

is to demonstrate the Government is taking the UK in a direction that almost nobody wanted; ie LESS Sovereignty, no more control of its borders and more likely less than it did before, less control of its money, partly because it will have less tax receipts and much more complicated trading terms with the rest of the world.
We will show that the UK will be forced to accept regulation that does not comply with current British regulatory standards on food and drink, animal welfare, environmental regulation, health and safety.

Our Ultimate aim

is to help persuade the British people, starting with Somerset, to appreciate the huge benefit of the UK belonging to the largest, most sophisticated Trade Bloc in the world and the Standard setter for the world, Actions on the Environment and Bio-Diversity and Human Rights and Equality.
And that one day, the UK will rejoin the European Union.
Some say within three years, some say ten years; SLE will keep making the case.


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