Our view on Rebecca Pow’s Ministerial post

Our view on Rebecca Pow’s Ministerial post

We would like to congratulate the MP for Taunton Deane, Rebecca Pow, on her appointment as a Minister for the Environment in the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

We hope she will now be in a position to help resolve some of the Brexit conundrums facing Somerset:

  • Who will replace EU funding to control flooding? It recently contributed £2.1 million to enable the county to adapt to drought and flooding brought about by climate change.
  • Who will provide the money to continue to connect rural areas in Somerset with superfast broadband once the UK leaves Europe? The EU stumped up £4.6 million for this purpose.
  • Who will protect local sheep farmers’ livelihoods if they have to pay tariffs to send their lamb to the EU? 95% of exports go there, according to the British Meat Processors’ Association. And who will supply the county’s critical food and drink industries with workers to replace those from the EU27 or prevent fruit and vegetables rotting in the fields?
  • Who, too, will ensure we enjoy high standards of bathing water in the sea that laps the Somerset coast without the EU to act as our environmental conscience?

The Government will need to find the answer to these questions and many more if people are to be convinced that Brexit will be anything other than disastrous for Somerset.

Paul Adams


Somerset Loves Europe

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