Press release on the proroguing of Parliament

Press release on the proroguing of Parliament

Somerset Loves Europe strongly condemns the proroguing of Parliament which has just been approved by Her Majesty the Queen.

While we understand that HM the Queen had no other choice but to follow the Prime Minister’s request for suspending Parliament for 23 working days, we are very worried about this onslaught to democracy in our country.

Somerset Loves Europe objects to the UK leaving the European Union without a withdrawal arrangement and no future relationship agreed, as this will cause significant problems to the UK and its citizens. Statements and assessments by the UK Treasury, the majority of economists, the Bank of England, Scientists for Europe and many large scale businesses confirm our opinion.

The current government aims for the UK to leave the European Union without any agreement, making a future relationship with the EU all the more difficult. Today’s decision to prorogue parliament is an insidious attack on this country’s values and its democracy.

Brexit is an alt-right coup, illegally procured, and pursued against the wishes of millions of British citizens.  Sterling has fallen off a cliff since the announcement of parliament being prorogued.

Any form of Brexit, but in particular a no-deal Brexit, will be a disaster for British farming and manufacturing. Somerset will suffer significantly from the fallout.

“Taking back control” has never looked so hollow, yet so sinister.

Somerset Loves Europe will continue to resist Brexit.

Today’s decision has made us even more determined to defend British Parliamentary democracy.

We say Revoke Article 50 and stop this madness, causing so much damage to the UK economy and reputation.

We invite the British Government and other proponents of Brexit to come back when they have an actual plan that the whole country can agree on.

Paul Adams
Somerset Loves Europe
27 August 2019


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