Signs Spotted Supporting Judges

Signs Spotted Supporting Judges

i-am-not-the-people-brutonThese intriguing signs were spotted in Bruton, Somerset this morning.

The words “I am not the people. You are not my enemy. Judge freely”  have been scrawled across a copy of the Daily Mail’s “Enemies of the People” article. It is ‘signed’ by ‘The Minority’. The Daily Mail’s newspaper article was controversially published after the High Court Judges ruled that our democratically elected MPs should have a say in the Brexit process. For a newspaper to declare that the Judges, who are simply ruling on a question of Law, are our enemies is extremely concerning. It is also unjustifiable; the judges simply ruled that legally Parliament should vote before triggering Article 50 as once enacted our rights are reduced. In no way did the judges attempt to influence how parliament should vote. Such newspaper articles are written to intimidate and also incite hatred and as such we support the campaigns of Stop Funding Hate.


We would love to hear from you if you know anything about these signs. How long have they been up?  Who put them up? Who is/are ‘The Minority’? Are the signs only in Bruton or in other Towns/Cities? If you do see any other signs (or similar) then please send us a photo (contact on the about page).


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