Street stalls, the petition, and the march

Street stalls, the petition, and the march

Street stalls

We now have an updated list of street stalls, so if you have put some in your diary in the past few days, please check. See the Events page.

Revoke Article 50 petition

I’m assuming that you have signed the petition to the Government to revoke Article 50 (and thereby halt the process of leaving the EU) already. Over one in ten of the electorate have, and in some places over a quarter. If not, click here and do it. If you have signed it, you could download and print out this poster with a QR code (that funny square thing that you point your camera at to take it straight to a website). Pin it up next to the coffee machine at work, put it in your window, stick it to lamp posts.

Put it to the People march

Thank you to everyone who came with us on the big march on Saturday. Everyone seems to have had a wonderful day, it was truly a historic occasion. We will put up a page of photos and snippets about the day. If you have any photos or stories to add, please email them to us, and we will add them to the page.
And thank-you very much to the people who donated money to help, either with the ticket purchases or just to support us.


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