We might have lost this battle, but …

We might have lost this battle, but …

This Friday, at 11pm, the UK will leave the European Union.
For us, who have been advocating against this move for the past 3 1/2 years, this is a sad day.
We lost.
We lost the fight against a well-funded information war.
We lost against fake news and a narrative against the EU built up over decades.
We lost against an electoral system where 53% of all voters voted against Brexit, but Johnson’s Conservatives still got the majority in parliament.
But most importantly, we all have lost our access to study, work, live and love in another 27 countries, we have lost the protection for our environment and our workers’ rights, and so much more.

So where are we now?
We might have lost this battle, but Somerset Loves Europe is here to stay. We will continue to advocate the values of the European Union – tolerance, justice, solidarity, inclusion and non-discrimination.

The next few months will see us supporting EU27 citizens who have to apply for Settled Status to be allowed to stay in the UK.
We will also hold Johnson, his government and his Brexit to account.

For the many people who are upset that Brexit is finally happening, despite millions of us marching, signing petitions, voting against it: Don’t despair. The darkest hour always happens before dawn.
Light a candle at 11pm this Friday and turn off the lights for half an hour – if enough of us do the latter, it will be noticeable on the National Grid.

Somerset Loves Europe will keep the European candle burning.

Paul Adams
Somerset Loves Europe

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